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FUEL – Druid Emerging Artists

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FUEL 2015 | Artist Profile: The Theatre Room

FUEL 2015 Residency 1

Artist name: The Theatre Room

Project name: The Theatre Room Awards 2015

Tell us a little bit about previous projects you have worked on:
The Theatre Room is a monthly performance of original one-act plays in non-traditional theatre spaces. It began in January and took place in living rooms until July, when the rooms were too small for audience demands. The plays are written, directed and starring local artists of all ages and skill levels. Since the inception of The Theatre Room a total of 43 original one-act plays have been staged.

Describe your project:
We want to honour the outstanding commitment that has been shown by The Theatre Room community by hosting an awards night in early December. This show will celebrate the achievements of the actors, directors and writers that have contributed to The Theatre Room performances since the beginning of the year. 6 original one-act plays will be staged on the night reflecting The Theatre Room’s most prominent talents of 2015. In addition to this, there will be awards given for Best Script, Best Director etc.

Why are you making this piece?
The Theatre Room committee feel it is of vital importance to celebrate and acknowledge the achievements of our members, in order to encourage existing talent and build confidence in those who are new to the game. Our nomination methods have been largely audience focused, and through this we hope to promote an awareness of what Irish theatre audiences are enjoying, what is resonating with them, and what we should be doing more of in the future.

Who or what are the main influences in your work?
We are hugely inspired by the first wave of artists that emerged in Galway during the 1970s (Ollie Jennings, Garry Hynes, Lelia Doolan). They brought a new energy to the city and country when Galway needed it most. With The Theatre Room, we’re aiming to stage a cultural revolution that dismantles the old ideas and traditions of performance in favour of something new. First stop: a dingy student living room on the Docks; next stop: Áras an Uachtaráin.

Where would you like to bring your finished piece?
There is no “finished piece” – the plays are different every month, giving new writers and performers a chance to make their mark on an audience. Theatre, we feel, is electric; never quite the same on any two nights. That’s what we aim to reflect. Taking our troop outside of Galway, further afield, can only do us good and is one of our goals.

If you had to describe your performance style in one word, what would it be?
Energeticfreshexplosiveimaginative (technically one word)

What elements of your piece do you hope to develop during your FUEL residency?
The interpretation of each script, blocking the action, developing the characters and performances. But most of all: creating an overall buzz amongst the cast and crews of each one-act play for the awards show.

Tell us about the people you will be working with during your residency.
The people involved in the performances for the awards show are those who have been associated with The Theatre Room over the course of 2015.

The writers are: Lisanne Jacob, Luke Morgan, Tim Meaney, Ita Reddington, Eoin McClure and John Valters Paintner

The directors are: Connor Curran, Yvette Picque, Ryan Mulcahy, Denis Haugh, Seosamh Duffy and Annie McMahon

The cast are: various “regulars” from the 43 plays that have been staged throughout the year.

The committee are: Luke Morgan, Lisanne Jacob, Ita Reddington, John Valters Paintner, Connor Curran, Denis Haugh, Shane Mullarkey.

What are you most excited about, with regard to the FUEL residency?
The thing that excites us most is the atmosphere throughout the week. Getting the opportunity to be associated with a world-renowned professional theatre company and to be working in their home base will ensure that a new level of energy and standard-raising will be brought about by the members of The Theatre Room. All of a sudden, we’re not just amateurs anymore – we’re artists and performers that are demanding to be taken seriously. It’s bloody exciting.

What do you think will be your biggest challenge during your FUEL residency?
There are a lot of members – not least, the 7 committee members. 6 plays will be rehearsing in the space at different points of the week. A timetable of rehearsal times for each play will be tricky to manage, in the light of last-minute things that come up in order to disable someone from making use of their slot. In order for rehearsals to be successful, all members of each play will need to be present during their allocated time, and this will be a challenge to choreograph.

When is the last time you were excited or inspired by a performance?
Luke Morgan, director of The Theatre Room: I was inspired by Fregoli’s production The Pleasure Ground, the fruits of the company’s Mike Diskin bursary. It made me laugh and cry. It confused the line between hilarity and tragedy in such an effortless way. I emerged from the Town Hall Theatre a changed person.

What would you be doing if you weren’t participating in a FUEL residency?
Applying for the next residency and planning the awards show regardless

The Theatre Room are FUEL Artists in Residence from 16th – 21st November 2015

You can book tickets for The Theatre Room Awards Showcase here.

The Theatre Room website

The Theatre Room Facebook page


This page was archived on 28/03/2017 and is no longer updated.

The contents of this page may be out of date or incomplete. Go here to browse our current site