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New Writing Guidelines

Druid is committed to producing new plays, including the work of new and emerging writers. We meet these commitments in part by commissioning new plays and in part by reading and assessing those plays you send in. We read your plays regardless of your level of experience or country-of-residence. Before sending in a script we would ask you, however, to please take note of the following guidelines:

Guidelines for submitting plays:

  • Please submit your script by mail only. We do not accept emailed or faxed scripts except by prior arrangement. Please allow approximately 6 months for a response to your submission.
  • We accept only those plays that have not had a professional production. We do, therefore, welcome plays that have had amateur, pro-am or student productions or have had a reading/workshop but not a full production.
  • We accept only those plays that are original. We are not in a position to accept, for instance, adaptations or modernisations of pre-existing work.
  • We are not in a position to accept radio, film or TV scripts.
  • Also, musicals and children’s plays are unlikely to be produced by Druid and will be read as examples of a writer’s work.
  • We take it that all plays given to us are a finished draft, so do please ensure that you have completed the play to your satisfaction before sending it in.
  • We do not accept excerpts or unfinished scripts; also we do not accept synopses or treatments without an accompanying play.
  • We consider one-act plays as an opportunity to become familiar with a writer’s work; we are, again, unlikely to be in a position to produce a one-act play.
  • We can only consider one play at a time from any given writer. If more than one is submitted from the same writer, we select one only for assessment.

Guidelines for typescripts:

  • Please ensure your script is bound and typed on single-sided A4 with the pages numbered.
  • Please ensure the title and cast list appear on the first page of your typescript.
  • Also, please ensure your contact details appear on the title page only and on no other page of your typescript.
  • Please attach a cover letter with your play and include in it your contact details. We would encourage you to include an email address. We would also ask you to include a brief overview of your writing to date in the cover letter; but neither are essential.
  • Playscripts will be returned to you if you supply a stamped addressed envelope that meets full cost of the return postage.
Scripts from outside Ireland require International Postal Coupons if you would like your play returned.

Writers interested in submitting their work to Druid are asked to send it to:
New Writing Manager, Druid, Flood Street, Galway, Ireland.

New Writing Guidelines
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