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Theatre Refurbishment at our home in Chapel Lane

The refurbishment of our theatre at Chapel Lane, Galway is progressing well and we expect to re-open the theatre in Summer 2009.  As the building is a protected structure, we have approved a design that not only retains the character of the existing building but also incorporates its original warehouse ambience.


What does the refurbishment consist of?

  • Replacing the existing roof over the rehearsal space with a traditional slate roof.
  • Constructing a new roof over the performance space to improve the theatre acoustics.
  • Upgrading of all lighting, heating and ventilation.
  • At ground floor level, the work will involve the demolition and removal of the existing temporary structure from the foyer.
  • Installation of new toilets, acoustic insulation of internal floors and upgrading of insulation to all windows and doors so that the building is acoustically sealed. 
  • There will also be a new wheelchair accessible doorway to the right of the existing entrance.

 What will this mean for our audiences and actors?

  • A warm and comfortable venue for the first time in thirty years.
  • No more leaking roofs.
  • No more noise from the street.
  • An enhanced and improved theatre experience.

Druid secured funding originally from the Department of Arts, Sport and Tourism in 2001 to commence this major building work but this money fell short of the total cost. Over the past seven years, Druid has secured additional funding from the Department, and has also received generous assistance from Galway City Council to carry out the project. Druid acknowledges the generosity of Thomas McDonogh & Sons Ltd. who gifted the building to the company as a cultural resource for the performing arts in Galway.

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Theatre Refurbishment at our home in Chapel Lane
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